Our Story

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"Thank you for spending some time with us and making us feel pretty"

The words DKT Founder, Shirlynn Brownell heard that started it all.

On her 23rd birthday, Shirlynn gathered her closest girlfriends to reignite the powerful women who held residence at a local nursing home in Atlanta by painting their nails for the day.  These women soon came to life in that moment and thanked the girls for “spending time with us.”

This statement planted the seed for DKT Polish and became the mantra of Shirlynn’s active pursuit of reminding women to stop and spend a little time on themselves. 

The DKT Polish user is conscious of what she puts into and on her body. She understands that in order to stay on top of the things this world demands from her, she must not only be physically active, she must allow herself access to quality ingredients not only on the inside, but on the outside as well. DKT Polish's 5-free formula aids the DKT woman in her quest to avoid using harmful chemicals on her body, without sacrificing the quality or style that is so important to her. It reminds us that beauty looks and feels even better when it’s good for our bodies and good for the Earth.

“Women have so little time to spend on their physical, mental, and spiritual well being. The fruitful responsibilities of being a wife, mother, sister, daughter and friend paired with the pursuit of a career can easily leave you low on time and energy. These responsibilities also makes us easily forget that we must care for ourselves before we can healthily care for others. I wanted to empower the modern woman to stop, pause, and spend a little time on herself even if it is while waiting for her polish to dry. After all, she is helpless with wet nails.” True words spoken by Shirlynn.