It is important to put first things first. This means different things to many people, but for DKT, you and your health always comes first.  So, we are here to share our tips and tricks for keeping your nails strong, your skin glowing, and your energy levels high for whatever life throws at you.


A balanced-diet composed of healthy, lean proteins, fats, and carbs will not only prove beneficial to your nail bed but it is merciful to your physique.  Frequent portion-sized meals and snacks that are also high in fiber and iron are key staples to ensure an alert mind, high-energy levels, and a fortified nail bed. I’m sure we don’t have to mention that avoiding processed sugar is always the best way to go but we couldn’t go without mentioning it.


While dogs may be a man’s best friend, multivitamins are surely a busy woman’s best friend.  Life on the go unintentionally causes a balanced diet to be difficult to come-by.  When this happens—which is common—multivitamins provide the nutrients our bodies may not readily receive from healthy, organic foods.  Organic vitamins that contain a women’s formula and healthy doses of vitamin A, B, C and biotin can surely prevent those frustrating nail chips and snags.

 Water Intake

No proper diet and regimented multivitamin intake is sufficient without water.  Yes, it is important to drink water since your body is composed of 75% of the natural element.  But the importance of the type of water you ingest is what most don’t tell you.  The secret to glowing skin and a strong nail bed?  Water with lemon or alkaline water.  Lemon is life’s magic potion to reducing the effects of ageing by cleansing the digestive system.  Alkaline water works similarly by keeping your body’s pH balance in check as a lot of key foods and drinks we ingest are highly acidic 


Sleep for the modern woman can be difficult.  With a never-ending to-do list, you’re lucky if you get 6 hours.  But, studies show that meeting the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep each night is vital to overall health and well-being.  Not only are your stress levels decreased, but your memory is enhanced and your energy levels are high.  You are also better positioned to make better decisions, which directly links to whether you choose to go to the gym after a tiresome day of work or whether you choose the grilled chicken with sweet potatoes and broccoli instead of that philly cheesesteak you have been craving. 

Your outward organs such as your hair, skin, and nails are direct links to how your internal health is holding up.  All of these practices work together to give you that glowing skin and strengthened nail bed that can pass in a board meeting with only one coat of DKT's "Seal the Deal" high-shine top coat.

 So, don’t forget to keep first things first and spend a little time on that internal health.

 Disclaimer: We are not licensed physicians and do not claim to be. Please refer to your physician for your healthcare and specific dietary restrictions.


Shirlynn Brownell